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The perfect solution for the cell count and cell viability analysis of your parallel cell cultures

For research use only (RUO). Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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The simplest automatic benchtop cell counter for high throughput parallel culture monitoring

The NORMA HT, based on the new lens-less technology, is a fully automatic cell counter for high throughput cell culture monitoring up to 24 samples in parallel. It rapidly measures cell concentration and viability without repeatability compromise. The NORMA HT provides an unmatched accuracy and precision thanks to its wide field of view (29.4 mm2) that allows counting several thousand of cells within a single sample image! No need to adjust focus, brightness or any other parameters, our algorithm will reconstruct cells wherever cells are located… from a few micrometres to some millimetres! There is no sample preparation: no dilution and no Trypan Blue! The NORMA HT is ready for receiving the sample from the robotic arms of a parallel micro bioreactor, an automatic sampler or even pipette.

Norma HT


  • Short time results
  • Label free
  • High reproducibility
  • Ultra-fast parallel results
  • Simple setup for automation
  • Ultra-wide concentration range
  • Very low sample volume
  • Correlate with reference methods
  • Sample preparation free
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How to use it ?​

The NORMA HT is easy to use!

  • Take your unprepared sample. (LABEL FREE, UNDILUTED)
  • Load the sample into the slide chamber.
  • Insert the slide into the NORMA HT and press measure.

That’s it!

What are the results ?

The technology directly acquires the light diffraction properties of each individual cells through their hologram images without any objectives, lens of focus settings. Living and dead cells have significant holographic patterns that can be distinguished and accurately counted. The measurements are analysed by the HORUS software. All measures result is processed by our HORUS software.

returns the number of cells counted, the viability and the cell size. Each parameter is visible on a simple graphic with the possibility to follow several running cultures on user friendly charts. The acquisition time is only a few seconds per sample!

Horus Software for cell viability analyzer NORMA

The integration of the norma ht into the tecan and biomek automatic handling sampler

The NORMA HT is perfectly integrated into the TECAN and the Biomek automatic handling sampler!

Iprasense Horus Software Cell Culture Monitoring and your Cell Viability

HORUS Software Included

Our best software for cell counting and cell analysis !

HORUS Software is included with the acquisition of our products and is regularly updated by our development team.

Technical specifications

Cells Mammalian cells: CHO - JURKAT - HEK293 - YT - NIH3T3 - PC12 - HELA - VERO
Insect cells: SF9 - HIGHFIVE
Concentration range 10⁴-4.10⁷ cell/ml
Cell size range 7 - 50 μm
Sample volume 2 - 10 μl
Numbers of sample 24
Viability determination Light diffraction
Counting time 15 seconds
Image .PNG / .BMP / .TIFF / .RAW / .AVI
Dimensions 29,5 x 26,5 x 29,5 cm
Enclosure Stainless steel
Weight 12 kg
Power supply 100 - 240 V AC + USB
Pharmaceutical industries 21 CFR part 11 & IQ/OQ
Integration TECAN & Biomek

Accessories & consumables

HORUS Software
Laptop computer
NORMA HT Cell counting slides – 24 chambers: 20 µm (from 2.1 x10^6 to 5.1x10^7 cells/ml)
NORMA HT Cell counting slides – 24 chambers: 100 µm (from 10^4 to 5.1x10^6 cells/ml)


The NORMA SCAN is an innovative automated cell counter and cell viability analyzer designed for precise and accurate cell counting, offering unmatched convenience and reliability.

The NORMA SCAN boasts several key features:

    • Automatic cell count and viability analysis
    • Small device footprint
    • Sample preparation-free operation
    • Rapid results within a short time frame
    • High repeatability for consistent performance
    • Low sample volume requirement
    • Compatibility with the Trypan Blue method for reference matching

The NORMA SCAN utilizes state-of-the-art lens-less technology to rapidly measure cell concentration and viability without compromising accuracy. Its wide field of view enables the counting of several thousand cells within a single sample image. With no need for adjustments, such as focus or brightness, users can simply deposit their sample onto the measuring slide, making it exceptionally user-friendly.

The NORMA SCAN directly acquires the light diffraction properties of individual cells through hologram images, enabling precise cell segmentation. The results, generated by the accompanying HORUS software, provide detailed insights into cell viability, size distribution, aspect ratios, and growth curves, presented in a user-friendly graphical interface.

Using the NORMA SCAN is effortless:

    1. Extract your unprepared sample using the provided pipette (label-free, undiluted).
    2. Load the sample into the slide chamber.
    3. Insert the slide into the NORMA SCAN and press measure.

Yes, comparative studies have demonstrated a strong correlation between the NORMA SCAN and traditional Trypan Blue methods, affirming its reliability and repeatability.

Absolutely, the HORUS software, our premier cell counting and analysis software, is included with every NORMA SCAN purchase. It is regularly updated by our dedicated development team to ensure optimal performance.

Yes, all our products are 21 CFR.

The NORMA range allows you to count your cells and determine their viability and diameter. You will get automatically saved images.

No, only your raw sample is needed in order to do the cell count and viability analysis.

Yes, all our products are driven directly by our HORUS software. The data is also analysed by it.


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