News at IPRASENSE in 2019

April – iConsensus

Project: high-throughput plateform for development and production
of biopharmaceuticals and vaccines.
IPRASENSE is proud to announce his participation in the international iConsensus consortium supported Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI).


5 – 8 May – ESACT

IPRASENSE was present at the ESACT meeting in Copenhagen, we were proud to launch our new Norma 4S and demonstrate automatic cell count and viability analyzer.


June – Research article CEA

Cédric ALLIER and al. show that the Cytonote is very efficient in term of quantification and competes with existing quantitative microscopes.


June – Norma 4S integration on Ambr systems

Norma 4S measurements can be now automatically performed on Ambr systems which requires only 10 microliters of sample per measurement.


August – iConfluence control with standardization of virology assays

The quality control (QC) department of the Boehringer Ingelheim site in Lyon St Priest (France) is intensively using the CYTONOTE from IPRASENSE to automatically measure the confluence of their daily cell cultures. Application note online version is available.


September – Bioprocess international meeting

IPRASENSE was present at the Bioprocess International meeting in Boston