New Design for your Cell Culture Monitoring and your Cell Viability Analysis

During this year 2021, the communication team and the development team met to improve the user experience (UX) on the HORUS software but also the interface design (UI).

A V6 in the colors of IPRASENSE and its products

Iprasense as well as its range of products has a real graphic charter! A dark blue for the company in general, a green for the NORMA product line used for cell viability analysis and a pink for its CYTONOTE line for live cell monitoring. Today, it is important to respect a graphic charter when branding in the smallest details. From the colors to the typography so that the HORUS software is recognizable because it is still a product. This update is important for us, because it contributes to create a strong brand identity.

HORUS, A programmed software for your Cell Culture Monitoring and your Cell Viability Analysis

Since the launch of IPRASENSE and its first products for cell culture and cell viability analysis, it was only natural to design an adequate program to connect and transmit the information retrieved by our CYTONOTE and NORMA.

Green for your Cell Viability Analysis

With our NORMA product range (NORMA XS, NORMA 4S, NORMA HT), represented by green, you can with our HORUS software analyze the viability of your cells….

Pink for Live Cell Imaging inside your incubator

With our CYTONOTE product range ( CYTONOTE 1W, CYTONOTE 6W, CYTONOTE SCAN), represented by pink, you can with our HORUS software simplifies live cell imaging technique and transforms the complex and expensive microscope into a cost-effective solution….