The CYTONOTE: a simple live cell-imaging system for difficult handling conditions of BSL3 Labs

Everybody’s life is affected by the Coronavirus epidemy around the world. The international scientific community is currently working very hard to find the proper drugs. At IPRASENSE, we are proud to contribute, at our level, to the COVID-19 fight. Our CYTONOTE has been recently selected by research institutes including the CDC in China, on a COVID-19 research program

The scientists were particularly attracted by the ease of use of this live cell-imaging system in BSL3 laboratories difficult handling conditions. It is so simple to install and to use remotely, you just have to place your flask, petri dishes or well plate on the CYTONOTE in your incubator and follow your cell culture in real time from your computer outside the Lab environment. The CYTONOTE thus saves considerable time and increases safety.

live cell imaging BSL3


Time-lapse images of cells and real time analysis from inside you incubator, specifically designed for parallel culture monitoring in 6 wells plates.