­čîč Cell Count Revolution Alert ! ­čîč

NORMA is on-line ! NORMA Wave is born !

Our on-line cell counter prototype for real-time bioreactor monitoring is performing very well.

Last week our cuting edge technology has successfully monitored a 1 liter CHO cell culture bioreactor.

The NORMA Wave device is automatically and in real time measuring the concentration and viability of the cells in the bioreactor. The instruments is aseptically connected to the culture vessel for imaging directly the bioreactor media and cells. It constantly takes picture of the cells to automatically count the number of viable and dead cells and therefore determine the viable cell density and viability.

Amazing, the VCD and viability matches with our off-line trypan blue cell counter…

We are very proud of this achievement that certainly marks a significant step toward the future bioreactor process control.