Viable Cell Density and Viability

for High Throughput and µl Scale

Match with reference Trypan blue method


High reproducibility

μl sample volume

The Norma HT is the most simple automatic benchtop cell counter for High throughput parallel culture monitoring. It uses the new and revolutionary lensless imaging technology to rapidly measure viable cell count and viability on up to 48 samples. The Norma HT provides an unmatched accuracy and precision thanks to its wide field of view and label free measurement. Each of the 3 microliter samples is analysed undiluted and several thousands of cells are counted within a single image.

The sample images from the Norma HT are processed by the HORUS software. HORUS returns the number of cell counted, the viability and the cell size. HORUS stores, analyses and displays all the images and results from the current user data or from previous runs.

Image zoom of CHO cells with overlapped mask of cell detection and viability determination.

Each parameter is visible on a simple graphical interface with the possibility to follow up to 96 running cultures on user friendly charts.


Cells Mammalian Cells
Concentration Range 10e4-4*10e7 cell/ml
Cell Size Range 7-50 µm
Sample Volume 2-8 µl
Number of Sample 48
Viability Determination Light Diffraction
Counting Time 20 seconds per sample
Image Format .png
Enclosure Stainless Steel
Dimensions 28*23*17 cm
Weight 12 kg
Power Supply 110-240VAC

Cell Lines

3T3 PC12
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