Time-Lapse images of cells and real time analysis from inside your incubator

Automatic Counting

of adherent and suspension cells

Cell Confluence


Cell based assay

Proliferation, Migration, Tracking, Wound Healing...

The Cytonote is the most simple live cell-imaging system designed for recording cell movies and analysing a variety of cell culture from inside the incubator. The innovative and patented « lensless imaging » technology pushes the boundaries of microscopy with its super wide Field of View and its capability to capture and analyse precisely several thousands of cells without any focus and brightness settings.

The image analysis and results from the Cytonote are performed from the HORUS dedicated software. HORUS is application oriented, it provides automatic cell count, quantitative confluence determination, cell size or cell tacking. Full field images (30 mm2) of the samples are stored and can be accessed and zoomed at any time.

It is designed to monitor up to 6 Cytonotes simultaneously for 6 parallel or independent cell cultures.

Technical Specifications

Cells Eucaryotic cells : adherent monolayer, suspension cell at bottom of culture ware or in micro-slides, 3D spheroids
Media Liquid or semi-solid (collagen)
Culture Vessels Standard plastic petri dish, culture flasks, multiwell plates, max height 55 mm
Resolution 1 micron
Field of View 29.4 mm²
Working Distance 0 to 5 mm
Image Rate 1.5 image/minute
Light Source LED 650 nm
Sensor CMOS 10 Mpix
Dimensions 12*11*10 cm
Weight 3 Kg
Power Supply USB
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