IPRASENSE is introducing new breakthrough solutions for real time monitoring of cell cultures. Our innovative instruments open new perspectives into live cell imaging and cell kinetic analyses.

All products developed by IPRASENSE are based on a patented technology called Lensless Imaging. This simple and robust technology allow real Plug & Play set up of experiments. You do not need any specific skill, set-up or time to launch quickly a new run. The two major benefits of this technology are the ultra-wide field of view (29.4mm²) and the insensitivity to focus settings.

IPRASENSE develop label-free analysis tools to follow your cells where they are without any need of sampling!

All IPRASENSE products lower the cost of live cell imaging technique and transform the complex and expensive microscope into a cost-effective solution.

The Cytonote follows your adherent or non-adherent cells within your incubator regardless of the container. Petri dishes, T-Flask or slides from any supplier.

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